Oliver Trace

Multimedia Artist

Oliver Trace Digital Painting Flowers at Home
Flowers at Home, 2022, Digital Painting


Oliver Peter Anthony Trace (b. 1988) is a multimedia artist, working across animation, digital painting and poetry. He is inspired by what can be revealed and concealed by a choice of medium. If we want to talk about the imagination, then we need to employ words. At the same time, an understanding of the imagination requires an appreciation of the image, which can be a sound, a touch, a sight, anything within the realm of sense-perception. Starting with observing and living amongst the world of action, and then meditating on his thoughts and feelings, Oliver works with whatever medium, singular or combined, comes ready to hand to express those particulars in a way that can be enjoyed, he hopes, by a general audience. Ultimately he is aiming to educate and inspire. Outside of Oliver’s personal practice, he has founded Sentio Space, an audiovisual studio, and co-founded 2050cards, an eCard business. He also hosts a LiveStream event called Soulday Thursday, where he shares his interest in literature, art, philosophy, and music. 

Oliver Trace Photography by Samuel Laurence Cunnane, 2022
Photo by Samuel Laurence Cunnane, 2022